Thatched roofs – why?

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Thatched roofs – why?

Thanks to good thermal insulation properties of a reed roof – the inside of the building is cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Together with good acustic inslulation properties this provides a healthy, pleasent space, which is also in harmony with nature.

A house with a reed roof is healthy, ecologic and functional, while it also satisfies the estetic requirements of the house owners. These roofs blend nicely with nature. Proper design, placement and construction of the roof, it's windows and eaves can give marvelous estetic effects.

Reed roofs are one of the most finesse types of roof cover, which also harmonizes with the landscape. Not many thatchers are able to make such roofs.
No other roof material gives as much plastic capabilities as reed.
A roof covered with reed is the only type of roof which does not have a dew point (dew does not appear on the internal side of the roof). Reed does not suffer from rain or hail – on the contrary – these can bring positive effects – clean the roof from dirt and other kinds of pollution.

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