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Be it thatching a new reed roof, or renovating an old one – TRZCINODACH will accompany you through the whole project.
We offer free advice at the design and roof construction stages.

Our main offer is:

• preparing the roof construction for mounting with reed: planking, latching, mounting a membrane – depending on the requirements of the project and the investor;
• mounting reed on the roof (can include materials and delivery);
• mounting and working of the roof windows;
• making the ridge;
• peaks;
• working the chimneys;
• fire protection with a certified detergent for protection from fire ;
• renovation of reed roofs;
• cleaning the roofs from dirt, moss etc.;
• roof inspection;
• making construction ornaments with the use of wood and copper plating;
• internal decoration – celeings covered with reed, interiors of windows;
• decoration from reed mats;
• sheds, arbours, garden decoration – for example garden wells, umbrellas;
• making the wooden construction of the roof


The originality, estetic value, but most of all – the time and effort required to make a durable and overall high quality roof - undoubtedly affect it's price. However – this price does not differ much from other types of roof cover. An initial estimate of the cost of a reed roof may show that it is more expensive than traditional roofs. However – because reed roofs do not require some of the elements that are required in the case of traditional roofs (such as rain pipes), the difference in the total cost of the roof – is not that big.

The price for a reed roof depends on the scope of the work, the complexity of the roof, number of windows and chimneys and the type of the requested ridge.

Estimated time required to thatch a roof

The time required to finish a thatched roof is dependend on the weather conditions and the complexity of the roof.

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