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Trzcinodach – about our company

Experienced thatchers

Thatching is one of oldest building crafts, and is practiced to this day. Plant materials were used as covering materials since thousand of years. This craft is currently experiencing it's renaissance in many european countries, although there aren't that many master thatchers. The owner of company Trzcinodach – Janusz Mikołajski is one of them.
Janusz has become as master thatcher in the 1990's – with his skills on par with other european masters. Knowladge of the craft and the experience which he has gained since then – allows him to train new professionals, and help with technical guidance on the subject of thatched roofs.

Our workers are professionals with many years of experience. They put all of their heart and skills into their work. They have gained experience while working both in their motherland – Poland, as well as in Denmark, France, Holand, Sweden and Germany. The work they peform meets the strict requirements of the european experts, master thatchers and local antique building keepers.

The durability and quality of a thatched roof can not be determined simply by it's look. In order to best assure the durability and quality of the roof – it is best to select a thatching company which has a solid history, good reputation, and proven experience.

Guaranteed quality of service

• We use high quality resources and materials.
• We guarantee the work to be performed in a professional manner.
• We thatch roofs in France, Denmark, Holand, Germany and other european countries.
• We give a ten year warranty for the services we perform.
• We cooperate with draftsmen and carpenters to ensure the success of the final work.
• We perform roof maintenance.
• We are there when you need us.

Every roof can be thatched with reed, but only following the strict rules of the thatching craft can ensure the quality and durability of the roof. 

About us

Our company is on the market for over 25 years. Our base is located in Milomlyn in Poland. We were introduced into the thatching craft by renown Danish and French experts. It is under their care that the company owner – Janusz Mikolajski has learnt and practiced his thatching skills. Thatching has become his passion, which he then turned into a way of living – by starting to work as a professional thatcher.
Thanks to the trust we were given, and the good reputation that we gained – we were able to thatch and renovate many reed roofs across europe. Some of our clients were other professional thatchers or keepers of antique buildings.

The quality of the thatched roof is the result of the skills and experience of the thatcher – who is able to properly select and prepare the reed to be used as thatching material, and of course – has the knowledge and skill to perform the work.

TRZCINODACH - Janusz Mikołajski 14-140 Miłomłyn, ul. Ilińska 16

tel. +48 664115171